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  • Please register your bike on the California Bike Registration Portal:
  • To power on your bike, long-press the power button or use the key. Press and hold the + button to turn on the headlight (or press the + button and the power button simultaneously for 3 seconds to turn on the headlight). Press and hold the - button for walking mode.
  • When going uphill, it is recommended to adjust to 1st gear for maximum power. On flat ground, the fastest speed can be achieved by adjusting to 5th gear.
  • When riding uphill, it is advisable to use pedal assistance to help dissipate heat from the motor. Please avoid using the throttle and pedal assistance simultaneously when going uphill, as it may generate excessive heat and cause a malfunction.
  • Running the electric bicycle motor at high speed for extended periods will result in higher power consumption and reduce the optimal riding range.
  • To maximize riding distance, use pedal assists and cruising while riding.
  • For certain E-bikes, you may need to press the switch button to switch between manual and pedal-assisted riding modes. Please locate the switch button near the handlebar.
  • Riding with a low or depleted battery can significantly reduce the battery's lifespan.
  • Charge and store your battery indoors at normal room temperature. This may require removing the battery from your bike for charging.
  • If you won't be riding your bike for a while, charge the battery first and then store it fully charged. Avoid allowing the battery to become completely depleted.
  • Store and charge your battery in a dry location. Water, humidity, and damp conditions are detrimental to electrical devices.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain the electrical contacts between the battery and the controller (the connection where you plug the battery into the bike). Ensure that the prongs are not bent. If the interface becomes contaminated with grit, mud, or snow, clean it before connecting your battery.
  • Do not leave your bike in the trunk of a hot car with the battery attached. Instead, remove the battery and take it with you.
  • When riding your e-bike in cold temperatures, be aware that the range will be reduced. If you park your bike outside overnight, bring the battery back outside only when you are ready to ride to minimize the impact of temperature on range.
  • Riding most e-bikes in the rain is acceptable. However, dry the contacts on the battery to prevent corrosion and oxidation. If necessary, use an electrical contact cleaner to keep the connection clean. In extreme weather conditions (e.g., in communities where roads are salted in winter), you can apply battery terminal grease as a preventive measure.
  • When charging, first insert the charger into the charging port of the electric bicycle, and then plug it into the AC power outlet. The charger will show a red light while charging and a green light when fully charged. After the green light is displayed, you can continue to charge for 1 hour to ensure it is fully charged, but avoid charging for more than 3 hours after the green light is on.
  • It is recommended to start charging the battery when it has 30-40% remaining as the best way to extend battery life. Avoid allowing the battery to be completely depleted as it can seriously affect its lifespan.
  • Always use the charger provided by the manufacturer of your e-bike or e-scooter.

Product Description




48V, 20Ah (960Wh)


34 miles


40-60 Miles


20'' x 4" inflatable tire with inner tubes


300 LBS




8-10 h


Single Gear


Front wheel: Mechanical Disc Brake

Rear wheel: Hydraulic Brake


Head light, Tail warning light


5'3"-6'4" (160CM - 195CM)


High-strength Steel Pipe


Introducing the DK200 Off-Road Mountain Electric Bike by Freego - a powerful and versatile electric bike designed for thrilling off-road adventures. With its high-speed motor, front suspension, and fat tires, the DK200 is built to handle rugged terrains and provide a stable and comfortable ride.

Powerful High-Speed Brushless Motor
The DK200 is equipped with a robust 1200W high-speed brushless motor for the rear wheel. This motor has undergone extensive testing to ensure enhanced speed and riding power. Its smooth operation reduces friction, resulting in a quieter ride with improved efficiency.

20'' Inflatable Tire with Inner Tube
Designed as a retro snow bike, the DK200 features 20*4 wide tires with an uninterrupted concave-convex pattern. These tires provide exceptional grip, preventing slips and ensuring safety even in challenging conditions like snow or rough terrains.

Removable High-Capacity Lithium Battery
The DK200 comes with a 48V 20Ah integrated lithium-ion battery, offering a long service life and excellent performance. With a single full charge, you can ride up to 80 KM in pedal-assist mode or around 65 KM in pure electric mode, making it perfect for daily commuting and longer travel needs. The battery is equipped with a safety lock for added security, ensuring easy removal with a special key.

High-Intensity Headlight for Night Riding
Ride safely during the night with the DK200's super bright headlight. Illuminate your path and stay visible to others, providing peace of mind during nighttime adventures.

User-Friendly Multi-Functional Display
Stay informed during your rides with the smart multifunctional display that records crucial information such as speed, mileage, battery capacity, and timing. This real-time monitoring allows you to keep track of your riding progress effortlessly.

Anti-Slip Handbrake for Secure Control
The DK200 incorporates an anti-slip handbrake with a helical rotary handle structure, providing a wide range of transmission and ensuring more torque. This design prevents accidental starts and enhances safety during your rides.

Front Suspension for Smooth Ride Experience
The front wheel suspension system of the DK200 offers exceptional shock absorption and smart responsiveness. It provides you with a smooth and comfortable ride experience, allowing you to tackle rough terrains with ease.

With the Freego DK200 Off-Road Mountain Electric Bike, you can explore the great outdoors with confidence and excitement. Its powerful motor, fat tires, and front suspension make it a capable and thrilling companion for all your off-road adventures.



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